This is a fast paced hands-on IoT hacking class designed for security experts and pentesters. It covers all aspects of IoT Security, from the technologies and testing methodology to the vulnerabilities.

It is 3 days long and starts each module covering the basics and laying out the ground with concepts before diving into the actual hacking. This provides the understanding of what and why the Things can be hacked, with a good mix of knowledge and learning-by-doing or in this case learning-by-hacking real-world devices.

Topics of the class include: attacking IoT device’s cloud, radio and mobile components, wireless technologies like BLE and ZigBee, embedded device hacking, firmware reverse engineering, hardware and software debugging, binary exploitation; using standard and unconventional attacks.

This action packed training, starts by reviewing the architecture of IoT devices and ecosystems, assessing their attack surface, testing for vulnerabilities and hacking them.

Note: The training is available as both on-site private and public training class.


  • IoT Security Concepts

  • IT and IoT Pentest methodologies and frameworks

  • Firmware hacking

  • Web Application Security

  • Network services

  • Mobile App Security

  • Bluetooth

  • Hardware and debugging interfaces

  • Software defined radio

Key indicators


This is a fast paced course for pentesters

Meet the trainer

Pablo Endres

Managing director / Lead Security Consultant / Trainer

Pablo Enjoys hacking, IoT, teaching, working with new technologies, startups, collaborating with Open Source projects, learning new things and being challenged.

In the last couple of years, he has been working mainly IoT security, testing dozens of devices and working with multiple platform providers to secure their solutions.

  • Professional Hacker
  • Experienced professional

    Not just a trainer
    15+ years of experience in security

  • Tested dozens of IoT devices and ecosystems
  • Well structured
  • Can change gears

    Adapts explanations to the level of the crowd

  • Can explain complex things in simple words
  • Passion for teaching

Topics and outline

After the class, the attendees will be able to:

– Evaluate the security of different IoT architectures

– Identify the attack surface

– Knowledge of security testing methodologies and how to use them

– Dump, extract and analyze device firmwares

– Hack UART, SPI, I2C and JTAGs

– JTAG debugging, exploitation

– Debug and attack hardware and software

– Analyze security of IoT relevant protocols like: MQTT, CoAP and M2MXML

– Attack cloud and mobile components of an IoT device

– Attack Radio communications (among others, Sniff, Replay, MITM)

– Attack wireless protocols like BLE and Zigbee

– Standard and unconventional attack techniques

– Side Channel Attacks (Clock, Vcc glitching, breaking crypto)

and more

All the topics above are taught with learning-by-hacking in mind, with a combination of theory and hands-on labs.

Additional Information

Who should take this course:

– Security Professionals

– Pentesters

– Hackers

– Embedded Security Enthusiast

– All kinds of professionals with an understanding of IT or hacking

– Anyone interested in learning IoT device hacking

What we will provide:

– IoT hacking Kit (to take home and practice the skills learned in class)

– IoT pentesting VM

– Printed workbooks (labs) and handouts

– All meals and refreshments (on public trainings)

What students should bring:

– Laptop with at least 50 GB free space

– 8 GB minimum RAM

– External USB access

– Administrative privileges on the system

– Virtualization software (Virtualbox or VmWare)

– Eagerness to learn

– Basic knowledge of Linux or UNIX (especially using the CLI)

– Basic knowledge of web and mobile technologies


– Reference material (slides, handouts, etc.): English

– Classes: English or German, depending on the event

IoT security hacking kit

  • All the basic tools for IoT security

    Take home all the tools you need and learned to use in the bootcamp

  • Free with each bootcamp registration

  • Exclusive for SevenShift trainees


  • Vulnerable devices i.e Smart plug
  • Software defined radio (SDR) kit
  • BLE snifing tools
  • BLE dongles
  • General purpose USB to GPIO + SPI + I2C + JTAG + UART
  • Arduino Nano +  shields
  • Breadboard + jumper wires and cables
  • Assorted electronic components
  • Zigbee shields
  • Zigbee sniffer
  • 433 MHz tools
  • Multimeter
  • and more

Note: the content of the kit varies per session based on the content and availability

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Comments from our students

“A very well structured and detailed training series with the right mix of theory and practice. Pablo Endres goes into the participants´ previous knowledge, questions and comments individually. His experience as an IT Security Expert enables him to give useful and very valuable tips”.

Cristian Weißleder – Security Consultant – CETECOM GmbH
Jörn Edlich – Head of Business Development – CETECOM GmbH

“Training was really comprehensive and engaging with excellent focus on vulnerabilities and threat vectors specific to IoT domain. I will recommend it to every company or individual, who is serious about IoT Security deployment”.

Jamal Tariq – Security Compliance Analyst – IoT – Vodafone Group Services

“The session was great!

For a beginner like me, I could not ask for anything more, it covered all aspects of IoT. I liked the way you introduced yourself by giving info on your interests and background. You then asked about me and what I would like to gain out of the session, this was a really good way to keep the session engaging. You then started to go into detail about IoT and had good examples / facts about the sections you covered. For an eager learner like me, who likes to know every aspect of something, I found it very beneficial when you started talking about the “Main components of IoT”, “IoT Platforms”, “IoT Architecture”, “Why IoT Security” etc.

(…) I learnt a lot of new things that I had no knowledge about before.”

Kamaal Tauqir – Technology Discover Security Assurance Specialist

Training prices

  • IoT Security Bootcamp
  • Five days
  • IT Professionals / Security Professionals
  • Early bird € 4500 + VAT
    Regular rate € 5000 + VAT
    Late rate € 5500 + VAT
  • IoT Security Hw Kit
    For each participant

  • Action packed and Hands-On
  • Slides: English
    Explanations: English or German
  • IoT Security Compact Bootcamp
  • Three days
  • Security Professionals or Pentesters
  • Early bird € 2970 + VAT
    Regular rate € 3300 + VAT
    Late rate € 3630 + VAT
  • IoT Security Hw Kit
    For each participant
  • Action packed and Hands-On
  • Slides: English
    Explanations: English or German
  • IoT Security Manager Training
  • One day
  • Managers, Project Manager, Product Owners
  • Early bird € 990 + VAT
    Regular rate € 1100 + VAT
    Late rate € 1210 + VAT
  • IoT Security Hw Kit
    For each participant

  • Packed with demos and important summaries
  • Slides: English
    Explanations: English or German

The early bird rate can only be booked 30 days before the training date