Testing and Pentesting

Do you need help testing or assessing the security of your device, application, network or organization?

Have all threats and vulnerabilities been evaluated? Have you addressed the risks?

These and other complex issues need to be appropriately tested according to the size, data and many other important aspects of an organization.

We help you get your business and devices secure. From identifying vulnerabilities and issues, to supporting you in making them more secure!

Request a security test

Click here to request security testing for your device or system.

Engineering and Consulting

Are you secure-by-design? Do you have a security framework you follow? Do you follow best practices?

What about your company infrastructure? Are you moving your applications in a secure manner to the cloud?

Sevenshift helps you evaluate all information assets of your organization (hardware, software, data centers, networks, etc) in order to improve the efficiency and simplify future control. We want to help you ease integration, reduce complexity, have a better support and reduce costs.

We want you to meet your business objectives!


Is your team trained to do IoT Security? Do you want to motivate and build the confidence or your team?

Do you want to train new hires or support your junior in becoming an senior?

We provide public or private trainings globally, both on-site or remote. Great teacher and materials, mostly hands-on.

SevenShift’s IoT Security Trainings offer all types of professionals the opportunity to understand, assess, test and exploit hands-on the security of these devices.

We have 2 courses tailored to fit your profile and needs:

– IoT Security Bootcamp (three days)

– IoT Security Manager Training (one day)


All trainings are available as public and on-site private (can be customized to the customer’s specific needs).

Why work with us?

Experienced team

With many years of experience in security in different roles and industries.

Best of breed methodologies

Selecting the best methodology for each case is key to obtain great results.

We work with: OSSTMM, OWASP, IoT Security Foundation, Kali, among others.


We choose the right tools for each task.

From open source, to custom or proprietary, i.e. nmap, Metsploit, Acunetix, w3af, etc.