Due to the current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be delivering all our upcoming trainings online.

We will miss the human interactions, but this opens an opportunity for all of you who could not make it to Cologne on these dates to join from your home office, office or living room. Most of us are working from home (WFH) anyway, right?

The classes will be taught live, online and personal by Pablo, with the same passion and quality that characterizes us.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, all trainings will be taught live, online and personal by Pablo.


Internet of Things or IoT is one of biggest digital trends of this decade. IoT goes beyond hardware, it normally involves an ecosystem of software platforms, applications, and interactions with the real world.

Gartner estimates that there will be 20.8 Billion devices connected, generating over 20 zettabytes of data by 2020. All of these devices and the data they produce should be secure. Until now not enough energy and attention has been dedicated to this aspect.

This new era will require Managers, who can incorporate the IoT technology spectrum into their product strategy. In this course, you will gain a high-level understanding of the security in this field (implementation, maintenance and innovation), and what it takes to manage a product for the Internet of Things.
We want you to get ready to understand this new world and to deliver what it expects from you.

Note: The training is available as both on-site private and public training class.


  • IoT Security Concepts

  • IT and IoT Pentest methodologies and frameworks

  • Firmware hacking

  • Web Application Security

  • Network services

  • Mobile App Security

  • Bluetooth

  • Hardware and debugging interfaces

  • Software defined radio

Key indicators

Interactive discussions

Packed with demos and summaries

Understand all the concepts so you which questions to ask your team and providers

Meet the trainer

Pablo Endres

Managing director / Lead Security Consultant / Trainer

Pablo Enjoys hacking, IoT, teaching, working with new technologies, startups, collaborating with Open Source projects, learning new things and being challenged.

In the last couple of years, he has been working mainly IoT security, testing dozens of devices and working with multiple platform providers to secure their solutions.

  • Professional Hacker
  • Experienced professional

    Not just a trainer
    15+ years of experience in security

  • Tested dozens of IoT devices and ecosystems
  • Well structured
  • Can change gears

    Adapts explanations to the level of the crowd

  • Can explain complex things in simple words
  • Passion for teaching

Topics and outline

– Intro to IoT (Definition, reference architecture, landscape)
– IoT Security
– Attack surface and threat model
– Security Frameworks including requirements and testing
– Common issues, findings and vulnerabilities, how to address them
– Pentesting: understanding the scope and what to expect
– IoT Security Vulnerabilities Demos, to provide insight on what is tested and how.

– – This includes: firmware, conventional attacks, mobile apps, hardware and debug interfaces, cloud and more.


€780.00 incl. 16% VAT     Early Bird

€870.00 incl. 16% VAT    Standard

Price includes: event attendance, food and drinks during the event.

Additional Information

Who should take this course:

– IT Directors and Managers
– C level Managers (CEO/CTO/COO/CIO)
– Research Managers
– Development Managers
– Business Managers
– Network Managers
– Product Managers
– Heads of Data Science

What we will provide:

– Printed reference material (slides, handouts, etc)
– All meals and refreshments (on public trainings)


– Reference material (slides, handouts, etc.): English

– Classes: English or German

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Comments from our students

“Training was really comprehensive and engaging with excellent focus on vulnerabilities and threat vectors specific to IoT domain. I will recommend it to every company or individual, who is serious about IoT Security deployment”.

“A very well structured and detailed training series with the right mix of theory and practice. Pablo Endres goes into the participants´ previous knowledge, questions and comments individually. His experience as an IT Security Expert enables him to give useful and very valuable tips”.

The session was great!

For a beginner like me, I could not ask for anything more, it covered all aspects of IoT. The session was really engaging, filled with positive and negative examples. I like to know every aspect of something, I found it very beneficial to learn about all aspects of IoT.

(…) I learnt a lot of new things that I had no knowledge about before.

“The IoT Security Bootcamp by SevenShift, was a great experience with tons of information to digest. 

Pablo clearly knows the field and was able to go through the dense and challenging material during 3 amazing days. 

I walked out with actionable knowledge, and starting using directly for our projects. 

I would highly recommend the Bootcamp for anyone doing or getting in to IoT.”

“In May 2019, I attended the IoT Security Bootcamp by SevenShift. I have nothing but praise for how the workshop was run. Especially due to the trainer Pablo Endres, who was always more than pleased to help whenever I had a question.

Even though I was really rusty on programming and all technical matters, I had no issue understanding the material, which is really easy to digest once you are on track.

At each chapter of the Bootcamp, everything was explained in detail and you can notice the experience and passion of the instructor on this topic, which inspires you.  You will end up wanting to stay longer so you can learn more about it.

The course is absolutely fun and I highly recommend it. You will learn a lot about IoT and hacking!”

“In-depth and very well structured training. Even with a good  IT, electronics and microelectronics background, there is lots to be learned. It is also interesting to see things that you know from a completely different perspective. 

The training is absolutely recommendable for beginners as well as for advanced users, basic Linux knowledge is helpful to allow you to concentrate on the relevant course content. 

Basically, only a laptop with VirtualBox is needed to participate. A business model with many USB ports and a well supported Linux distribution is the better choice.  Due to the openness, makes it much easier to set up the hardware used for the class. 

The IoT kits contained in the course are equipped with a very good selection of different components. Not only can you solve the tasks individually or with a partner during the course, but can later repeat everything again and learn further.

The slides are in English, which makes sense due to the many technical terms. The trainer Pablo Endres can hold the event not only in English but also in German and Spanish. Because of the small groups the trainer can attend to individual participants. By the way, the venue is very good, the breaks are well chosen; food and drinks are tasty :-D”

“The IoT Security Bootcamp is a very well-rounded workshop to learn and experiment with IoT hacking. It covers a lot of topics and is structured around hands on activities. Pablo is a great teacher and his workshop has definitively deepen my interest for IoT security”.