Internet of Things or IoT is one of biggest digital trends of this decade. IoT goes beyond hardware, it normally involves an ecosystem of software platforms, applications, and interactions with the real world.

Gartner estimates that there will be 20.8 Billion devices connected, generating over 20 zettabytes of data by 2020. All of these devices and the data they produce should be secure. Until now not enough energy and attention has been dedicated to this aspect.

This new era will require Managers, who can incorporate the IoT technology spectrum into their product strategy. In this course, you will gain a high-level understanding of the security in this field (implementation, maintenance and innovation), and what it takes to manage a product for the Internet of Things.
We want you to get ready to understand this new world and to deliver what it expects from you.

Note: The training is available as both on-site private and public training class.


  • IoT-Sicherheitskonzepte

  • IT- und IoT-Pentest-Methoden und -Frameworks

  • Firmware hacking

  • Sicherheit von Webanwendungen

  • Netzwerkdienste

  • Sicherheit mobiler Anwendungen

  • Bluetooth

  • Hardware- und Debugging-Schnittstellen

  • Softwaredefinierter Funk

Wichtige Indikatoren

Interaktive Diskussionsrunden

Vollgepackt mit Demos und Zusammenfassungen

Understand all the concepts so you which questions to ask your team and providers

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Themen und Überblick

– Intro to IoT (Definition, reference architecture, landscape)
– IoT Security
– Attack surface and threat model
– Security Frameworks including requirements and testing
– Common issues, findings and vulnerabilities, how to address them
– Pentesting: understanding the scope and what to expect
– IoT Security Vulnerabilities Demos, to provide insight on what is tested and how.

– – This includes: firmware, conventional attacks, mobile apps, hardware and debug interfaces, cloud and more

Zusätzliche Informationen:

Who should take this course:

– IT Directors and Managers
– C level Managers (CEO/CTO/COO/CIO)
– Research Managers
– Development Managers
– Business Managers
– Network Managers
– Product Managers
– Heads of Data Science

What we will provide:

– Printed reference material (slides, handouts, etc)
– All meals and refreshments (on public trainings)


– Reference material (slides, handouts, etc.): English

– Classes: English or German

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Kommentare unserer Studenten

„A very well structured and detailed training series with the right mix of theory and practice. Pablo Endres goes into the participants´ previous knowledge, questions and comments individually. His experience as an IT Security Expert enables him to give useful and very valuable tips“.

Cristian Weißleder – Security Consultant – CETECOM GmbH
Jörn Edlich – Head of Business Development – CETECOM GmbH

„Training was really comprehensive and engaging with excellent focus on vulnerabilities and threat vectors specific to IoT domain. I will recommend it to every company or individual, who is serious about IoT Security deployment“.

Jamal Tariq – Security Compliance Analyst – IoT – Vodafone Group Services

„The session was great!

For a beginner like me, I could not ask for anything more, it covered all aspects of IoT. I liked the way you introduced yourself by giving info on your interests and background. You then asked about me and what I would like to gain out of the session, this was a really good way to keep the session engaging. You then started to go into detail about IoT and had good examples / facts about the sections you covered. For an eager learner like me, who likes to know every aspect of something, I found it very beneficial when you started talking about the “Main components of IoT”, “IoT Platforms”, “IoT Architecture”, “Why IoT Security” etc.

(…) I learnt a lot of new things that I had no knowledge about before.“

Kamaal Tauqir – Technology Discover Security Assurance Specialist


  • IoT Security Bootcamp
  • Fünf Tage
  • IT-Profis / Sicherheitsprofis
  • Frühbucherpreis € 4500 + MwSt.
    Normaler Preis € 5000 + MwSt.
    Verspäteter Tarif € 5500 + MwSt.
  • Gratis IoT Security Hw Kit
    Für jeden Teilnehmer

  • Action geladen und Hands-On
  • Folien: Englisch
    Erklärungen: Englisch oder Deutsch
  • IoT Security Compact Bootcamp
  • Drei Tage
  • Sicherheitsprofis oder Pentester
  • Frühbucherpreis € 2970 + MwSt.
    Normaler Preis € 3300 + MwSt.
    Verspäteter Preis € 3630 + MwSt.
  • Gratis IoT Security Hw Kit
    Für jeden Teilnehmer
  • Action geladen und Hands-On
  • Folien: Englisch
    Erklärungen: Englisch oder Deutsch
  • IoT Security Manager Training
  • Ein Tag
  • Manager, Projektleiter, Produkt-verantwortliche (Product Owner)
  • Frühbucherpreis € 990 + MwSt.
    Regulärer Preis € 1100 + MwSt.
    Verspäteter Preis € 1210 + MwSt.
  • Gratis IoT Security Hw Kit
    Für jeden Teilnehmer

  • Vollgepackt mit Demos und wichtigen Zusammenfassungen
  • Folien: Englisch
    Erklärungen: Englisch oder Deutsch

Der Frühbucherpreis kann nur 30 Tage vor dem Trainingstermin gebucht werden.