Providing security

for your company and solution

Testing und Pentesting

Is your company protected from a cyber attack? When was the last time you had a pentest?

We help you get your business and devices secure.

Areas: IoT (hardware, firmware), cloud, web and mobile applications, big data, infrastructure, servers (Linux, Windows). 

Architektur und Beratung

Are you secure-by-design? Do you have a security framework you follow? Do you follow best practices?  

We can review your design, architecture or even support the development of your solution.

Areas: IoT (hardware, firmware), cloud, web and mobile applications, big data, infrastructure, servers (Linux, Windows). 


Is your team trained to do IoT Security? Do you want to motivate and build the confidence or your team?

Do you want to train new hires or support your junior in becoming an senior?

We provide public or private workshops and trainings globally, both on-site or remote. Great teacher and materials, mostly hands-on.

Current Trainings: IoT security bootcamp, IoT security bootcamp compact, IoT Security manager training or in a nutshell. 


Benötigen Sie spezielle Hardware für Ihren Pentest? Kaufen Sie Hardware um Angriffe an Zigbee, BLE und Radio Sniffing. Und mehr.

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SevenShift IoT Security Trainings

SevenShift’s IoT Security Trainings offer professionals and new hires opportunity to learn the details and workings of IoT Security. They cover the hardware, but also an ecosystem of software platforms, applications and interactions with the real world.

„Training was really comprehensive and engaging with excellent focus on vulnerabilities and threat vectors specific to IoT domain. I will recommend it to every company or individual, who is serious about IoT Security deployment“.

Jamal TariqSecurity Compliance Analyst (IoT) - Vodafone Group Services

„A very well structured and detailed training series with the right mix of theory and practice. Pablo Endres goes into the participants´ previous knowledge, questions and comments individually. His experience as an IT Security Expert enables him to give useful and very valuable tips“.

Cristian WeißlederSecurity Consultant - CETECOM GmbH

The session was great!

For a beginner like me, I could not ask for anything more, it covered all aspects of IoT. I liked the way you introduced yourself by giving info on your interests and background. You then asked about me and what I would like to gain out of the session, this was a really good way to keep the session engaging. You then started to go into detail about IoT and had good examples / facts about the sections you covered. For an eager learner like me, who likes to know every aspect of something, I found it very beneficial when you started talking about the “Main components of IoT”, “IoT Platforms”, “IoT Architecture”, “Why IoT Security” etc.

(…) I learnt a lot of new things that I had no knowledge about before.

Kamaal TauqirTechnology Discover Security Assurance Specialist

Wir bieten 3 Kurse an, die auf Ihr Profil und Ihre Bedürfnisse zugeschnitten sind:

IoT Security Bootcamp

(Five days)

This is a hands-on IoT hacking bootcamp for all kinds of professionals with an understanding of IT or hacking.


IoT Security Manager Training

(One day)

This training is specifically designed for managers, who may be in charge of a security or and IoT related project.


Nächste Trainings

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Seats in these classes are limited to ensure personalized experience and encourage maximum collaboration

Alle Workshops werden als öffentliche und private Kurse vor Ort angeboten (kann an die spezifischen Bedürfnisse des Kunden angepasst werden).

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