IoT security hacking kit

The IoT Security Hacking Kit contains all the tools and devices used in our hands-on classes and can only be obtained by attending the IoT Security Bootcamp.

You can use it to learn-by-hacking in class and to keep your skills sharp after it.

  • All the basic tools for IoT security

    Take home all the tools you need and learned to use in the bootcamp

  • Free with each bootcamp registration

  • Exclusive for SevenShift trainees


  • Software defined radio (SDR) kit
  • BLE snifing tools
  • BLE dongles
  • General purpose USB to GPIO + SPI + I2C + JTAG + UART
  • Arduino Nano +  shields
  • Breadboard + jumper wires and cables
  • Assorted electronic components
  • Zigbee sniffer
  • 433 MHz tools
  • Multimeter
  • and more

Note: the content of the kit varies per session based on the content and availability.