7 reasons to convince you manager to attend a training or conference

Do you need some arguments to convince your boss?

In our video you will find 7 strong arguments.

Your main focus is to highlight the benefits for the company:

1.Improve the company´s social media:

Post about the attended sessions to gain new followers, grow network and show colleagues what is being learned.

2.Brainstorm new approaches:

Learn new approaches to old problems from tech pioneers, innovative practitioners, researchers, analysts and business strategists. 

3.Save time and avoid pitfalls in projects:

Learn from cases studies. What worked, what didn´t?

4.Solidify job skills:

Come away with plenty of fresh ideas to streamline work and ensure success.

5.Be up to date:

Learn about the latest research, new practices and emerging technologies and standards.


Network with colleagues and develop valuable relationships.

7.Share knowledge with colleagues:

That way the entire team can benefit from the event.

Create a report detailing what has been learned and supplement the own material with speaker slides and keynote videos available for attendees. Impress your boss and colleagues with new fresh ideas to improve performance, and help your company develop market-leading innovations and security strategies, capitalize on emerging opportunities and communicate and collaborate more efficiently.