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Trainings now available on Springest company portals

We are very glad to announce that our Trainings are now available at Springest and many company internal training portals, that are powered by it. For example, Uniper, Eneco, Abbott, Fibrant and many more! So if your company uses Springest, please take advantage of the opportunity of booking your training there! Springest is a great […]


Presenting our new partner: ISH – Information Security Hub

We are very glad to announce that we are now partners with ISH – Information Security Hub at the Munich Airport. This is a world-class cyber security competence center, with a focus on highly critical infrastructure, a long-standing experience and a broad partner ecosystem. Keep your skills up to date and sharp, and grow your […]


Cloud Ecosystem IoT Innovation Workshops

We were invited by the Cloud Ecosystem EV to participate in a series of IoT Innovation Workshops taking place in different cities across Germany: Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich in September 2018. The format was very interesting and productive: it started with approx. 2:30 of presentations related to IoT. Ranging from different use cases, analytics to […]

Why do I need a Bootcamp

Read time 3-4 min Deciding to book a Bootcamp can be a difficult decision. It is a big investment in time, energy, and money. To help you with your decision, we decided to give you more than seven reasons why to do it. IoT security is complex by nature. There are multiple layers, aspects and […]

Why and how to kickstart a career in IoT Security

Foto by Mathew Schwartz There has been a lot of noise or hype around the Internet of Things or IoT for the last couple of years. The volume of the chatter is actually still getting louder and has probably not reached its peak yet. It is supposed to impact everything, from how we do things […]

New capabilities 2G

We are proud to announce that after lots of work we are adding a new capability to our IoT Testing portafolio: 2G. With our new cellular network we have full visibility of Voice, SMS and Data transmitted using this technology. Until now, our clients had to trust the device manufacturers on what what was being […]

Conference vs Training

In the dynamic and constantly evolving world of IT, one has to keep learning in order to stay on top of things and remain relevant within their niche. So, it is not a question about whether you should keep honing your skills, but rather, how to go about it.

When it comes to sharpening your skills the quick and easy way, you have the option of attending either conferences or training courses. But aren’t they one and the same thing? Not at all! This article will explain the differences between conferences and training courses, and how each could benefit you.