Assessing and Exploiting Control Systems and IIoT

This is not your traditional SCADA/ICS/OT/IIoT security course!

This course teaches hands-on penetration testing techniques used to test individual components of a control system, including embedded electronic field devices, network protocols, RF communications, Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), and various forms of master servers and their ICS applications.

Ultimately, this is the goal of this course, to help you know how, when, and where this can be done safely in your control systems and OT environments.

The main topics are: OT / IIoT / Industrial Control Systems (networks, protocols, and testing), Maintenance Interfaces, RF Communications, EEPROM and Flash Chips.

For more details visit the Assessing and Exploiting Control Systems and IIoT page.

Note: This training will be taught live, online and personally by Pablo.

Please contact us if you would like to take this course.

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