IoT security hacking kit v2

The IoT Security Hacking Kit v2 contains all the tools and devices used in our hands-on classes and can only be obtained by attending the IoT Security Bootcamp.

You can use it to learn-by-hacking in class and to keep your skills sharp after it.

For this new version of the IoT Security Hacking Kit we have new targets based on the Nordic NRF52 chipset: including custom firmware!

  • All the basic tools for IoT security

    Take home all the tools you need and learned to use in the bootcamp

  • Free with each bootcamp registration

  • Exclusive for SevenShift students


  • Software defined radio (SDR) kit
  • BLE snifing tools
  • BLE dongles
  • General purpose USB to GPIO + SPI + I2C + JTAG + UART adaptor
  • Breadboard + jumper wires and cables
  • Zigbee sniffer
  • Multimeter
  • 2 x NRF52840 DK
  • and more

Note: the content of the kit varies per session based on the content and availability.