Pre-training survey (ICS)

Please provide us the following information in order to be able to asses your skills before the training. This will allow us to customize the content and focus for this particular group

  • Training information

  • Attendee´s Information

  • Please provide us with the address to when we should ship the ICS Security Hacking Kit.
  • For our catering we need to know if you are a vegan or vegetarian in order to try to acommodate the meal plan accordingly
  • Which OS will your laptop be running for the training
  • Please rate your skills / knowledge on the following areas (0 - 5):

    We will use this information to help us customize the workshop to the know-how of the group.
  • Please confirm that SevenShift may store the information provided in order to:
    a. Plan the training event you booked.
    b. Send you the Training Kit
    c. Contact you or your company related to its services.
    d. Store them for statistical purposes.