We are celebrating SevenShift´s 1st anniversary!

Rufly one year ago, we started our adventure creating SevenShift. The experience has been very challenging, but fun and fulfilling.

At the beginning, we thought that it would just be a change in our legal figure, from freelancers into to a company. But we feel that we have grown into a Boutique Security Consulting Firm, with many customers and multiple projects.

This has only been possible, with the support of our team, colleagues, clients and partners. Thank you so much for your engagement, expertise, patience and desire to reach our mutual goal!

A special thanks goes to our customers, for trusting us and letting us do what we love most: making IoT a more secure place. Giving us the time to experiment and think, to help us support your projects and make them better.

IoT is a fascinating but very complex world. In a few years, it will not be imaginable to live without this technology. Security, has not been the main focus for many of the players involved. However, our commitment is to help you make sure that your devices or products are secure. It is very important to us that you and your company can deliver what is expected from you.

There have been multiple milestones in this last year: from creating our logo, building our 2G base station, testing dozens of devices, and last but not least, preparing our IoT security trainings. These have been the biggest challenge of this year, and the first public trainings will take place at Startplatz, Cologne in November 2018.

We love training IT professionals, it is our passion. There is so much to learn and limited time to do it. We want to share what we have learned over the last couple of years, in our projects, studies and research with our students.

The best investment professionals and companies can make is to keep their skills (and those of their employees) up to date and sharp. This allows them to provide a positive impact on their organizations, helping create better and more secure products and solutions.

We would like to thank everyone involved in our journey. We hope you’ll join us in the years to come, because we have a lot in store for you.