Why do I need a Bootcamp

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Deciding to book a Bootcamp can be a difficult decision. It is a big investment in time, energy, and money. To help you with your decision, we decided to give you more than seven reasons why to do it.

IoT security is complex by nature. There are multiple layers, aspects and technologies interacting at any given time to make it work. From the devices, their firmware, mobile and web interfaces, APIs, cloud and network services, to the network and radio protocols used. There is a lot to learn.

Research and learning about any topic requires lots of time. It is not easy to find time and the mindset to do this on a regular basis.

IoT is the hottest technology (or group of technologies) on the market right now. Everything is getting connected and is controlled by an app, from your smart watch, to your barbecue and your home. Development and innovation are happening at rocket speed, but the security is still trying to catch up. The results of an attack are no longer just finding yourself on the front page of the newspapers, but they are serious and can be life threatening. It is not possible to neglect the security of IoT products.

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There is a very high demand for security professionals, and for the foreseeable future there will not be enough qualified professionals to fulfill this demand. Currently, there are just too many threats and too few professionals. There are multiples studies by ISACA and many other institutions that highlight this.

ISACA – RSA Conference – Career opportunities in Cybersecurity

ISACA – RSA Conference – Career opportunities in Cybersecurity


There is a shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals. For example, the Computer Business Review cites a study by ISC2 that says that Europe alone will need 350.000 cybersecurity professionals by 2022.

Constant growth and learning: for those, who enjoy constantly learning new technologies and concepts, it is the right path. The constant change and evolution assure that the job will never get boring.

As we mentioned in our article: “Kickstarting a career in IoT Security”, to get hired as a security professional or to progress in this career path, you need a mix of: experience, education, and certifications. It takes all three to not only land the job, but also be successful in it. The SevenShift IoT Security Bootcamps, provide you all three, including a certificate of completion.

If you are a curious person, you like to understand how things or different technologies work; then a good training is the best environment for you. Each module should start by laying down the theory and the basics of how these things work. Once you have understood them, hacking them is a lot easier. Hacking is about knowledge and not poking things in the dark to see if they break.

What can you expect from a bootcamp?

A bootcamp will give you lots of knowledge condensed in a relatively short period of time. It will give you a kickstart so that you land on your feet and running. You will take away the know-how, techniques, tactics, and tools, as well as the hands-on experience on the topic.

The information you get in a bootcamp will significantly shorten your research time. Lots of the content is condensed, but it will help you identify your areas of improvement: on what topics you need to or want to go deeper into. You will get pointers to good sources of information.

What shouldn’t you expect from a bootcamp?

Three days is enough time to get your feet wet, but you will come out being the next Jacques Cousteau. You will not become a hardware/IoT hacker overnight. Use the knowledge gained to start pentesting IoT devices and sharpen your skills.


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SevenShifts IoT Security Trainings

SevenShift has developed a series of IoT security trainings and workshops to fit any profile, from managers to pentesters.

  • IoT Security for Managers: everything what a Manager should know to make an IoT project secure.
  • IoT Security Bootcamp: 3 days Hands-on. Learning-by-Hacking. A hacker course for non-hackers. Teaches you how to discover security vulnerabilities in real life devices.

With your registration to the bootcamps, you will receive a free IoT Hacking Kit, which contains the tools and some vulnerable devices, so that you can continue sharpening your skills or hack devices after the event.

Our trainings take place at least twice a year, please check the training page to find the exact dates and locations.

Book your bootcamp now on https://sevenshift.de/training

Meet the trainer


Pablo Endres

Managing director / Lead Security Consultant / Trainer

Pablo Enjoys hacking, IoT, teaching, working with new technologies, startups, collaborating with Open Source projects, learning new things and being challenged.

In the last couple of years, he has been working mainly IoT security, testing dozens of devices and working with multiple platform providers to secure their solutions.



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